SHEDSAFE™ accreditation was officially  launched in November 2010 after the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) learned that most sheds that had structural failures during Cyclone Larry in 2006, were not built to the standards set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Since then, further evidence of under-engineered sheds has also been discovered in areas right across Australia, putting people & property at risk.

Primarily, SHEDSAFE™ is about safety for the consumer & it serves to protect the investment in a shed & its contents. SHEDSAFE™ accreditation means that companies such as fairdinkum® sheds ensure that all guidelines set by the BCA are adhered to in the design of your shed, barn or garage (or any of our steel structures)

SHEDSAFE™ accreditation cannot be purchased, it has to be earned & fairdinkum® sheds underwent a rigorous independent auditing & certification process by an ASI appointed panel of independent engineers & specialists. Being SHEDSAFE™ accredited is a commitment that buildings designed for each of the 130 nationwide distributors of fairdinkum® sheds adhere to & complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

In the past, shed shopping was a time consuming & confusing process as consumers had to navigate the complexities of the Building Code with the various retailers; but now when you are dealing with a SHEDSAFE™ accredited retailer, you know that the product has been researched & tested so you can buy with confidence.

Consumers can be confident in the fact that fairdinkum® sheds ensure that all standards set by the BCA are incorporated into the design process of each shed. They are able to provide a shed design suitable to specific sites & locations, whilst also taking into account anticipated usage & environmental factors such as wind load on the structure.


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